Sunday, December 20, 2015

Generally, I do not post messages with the photo slideshows, but this is a different animal. We rented an apartment through AirBnB in Mexico City. The pictures of the place looked reasonable, though not palatial, which was fine. We negotiated the same rate in USD as opposed to Euros due to our planning on a 10 day stay. There were still substantial fees for AirBnB and the host's own cleaning costs. 

What we found was an apartment with dismal lighting, and disgusting floors in the kitchen and bathroom. The other rooms could have been as well, but they were painted dark brown, so it was impossible to tell. Other than showering, we never walked around without our feet being covered. Had we found some flip-flops when out, we would have bought them to shower with. 

We contacted the host's boyfriend/husband (depended on which person was asked). He sent out a cleaning lady. When we returned that evening, the only differences were that our luggage went from the floor to the bed. Crumbs left under the dining table were still there. The microwave and freezer were still filthy. We were told the floors were stained beyond cleaning. Duh! Can you think: A.) Professional cleaning B. Replacement C. Paint over the tile.

The ONLY reason we stayed was because the cancellation policy was set at STRICT, which meant losing the entire payment. To warn others, the address is Calle Lopez 34 apartment 24, Mexico City

Friday, August 14, 2015

Italy - Milan

Just a few hours around the city before heading to the airport.